Chiropractic For LIFE!

Chiropractic For Life!!!

Posted: September 7, 2011
By: Dr Mindy Weingarten

DNA Repair

Longterm Chiropractic Care promotes DNA repair, improved physiological function and overall better health, even in asymptomatic individuals. One study cited that patients 65 years of age or older, under Chiropractic care 5 years or longer spent 69% less on their health care costs compared to the amount spent by those not under regular long term Chiropractic Care.

Schedule of Care

All patients are not adjusted the same way. The Doctor of Chiropractic evaluates each person's spine and develops an individual course of adjustments just right for you. Your schedule of adjustments are based on Doctor Mindy's and Doctor Terry's years of training and experience. Remember-each person is different. Your spinal adjustments may need to be maintained on a three day a week regimen, while others may be one time a month. Whatever your specific needs, it is important to follow your schedule of care in order to keep your nervous system working at it's optimum!

New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions aren't just for the 1st of the year. They're for turning over a new leaf, taking care of ourselves with better and healthier habits for the year and for a lifetime!

The best resolution you can make is to improve your health and stay healthy. As we enter into a new year, recovering from holiday stress is so important. CHIROPRACTIC CARE is the most effective way to help your nerve system recover from stress.

Stress is anything the body must deal with, adapt to and recover from,
for example:
-being out of your routine
-a poor diet like increased sugar or alcohol intake
-shopping and wrapping
-bending, lifting and climbing steps or ladders to decorate or un-decorate
-financial stress from holiday spending
-family gatherings or dealings with lonliness
-extreme temperatures of cold winter weather

Chiropractic care releases the overwhelming effects of nerve system interference that is caused by all types of stress.
Don't let stress keep you from being vibrant and healthy!

Make your 2013 resolution to be healthy, a REALITY!



Dangers of Forward Head Posture

Loss of the cervical (neck) curve, the arc of life, stretches the spinal cord 5-7 cm

and produces pathological tension, putting the body in a state of disease.

1. The head moves forward shifting the center of gravity.

2. To compensate, the upper body drifts backward.

3. To compensate for the upper body shift, the hips tilt forward.

So, the forward head position can be the cause of not only head/neck problems

but also mid-back and low back problems.



“Nothing Organic about the Flu Shot…”

Spray pesticides on an apple and it's no longer organic. Add a drop of oil to a glass of spring water and it's no longer pure. Most Americans detest the idea of dumping chemicals in a pristine, natural environment. But why not have the same aversion when it comes to getting the flu shot?

Maybe it's because you don't realize what's in it: Mercury (a known neurotoxin in the form of Thimerisol), Glycol (a component in antifreeze) and Formaldehyde (the stuff they preserve cadavers with). If you dumped those chemicals in your local water supply you'd get arrested. But every year, unknowing Americans line up at their local pharmacy to get this stuff injected into their veins.

Given the choice to eat an organic apple vs. one blasted with toxic chemicals, you know which one you'd rather take a bite out of. Question is, would you take a bite out of yourself after getting injected with the ingredients in the flu shot? There are natural, alternative ways to boost your immune system and protect yourself from the flu. Ask your Chiropractor what they are so you can keep your body ORGANIC this season.




Should I Get A Flu Shot?

  Everyone's doing it...but should you get in line for a flu shot? Many in the health field have questioned the overall effectiveness of the flu vaccine, which is supposed to give you lasting immunity to whatever you're vaccinated against. They know that flu strains are continually evolving, so vaccines will not work on all flus!

  The best way to avoid the flu is not to inject yourself with Mercury, Glycol and Formaldehyde (just a few of the flu vaccine ingredients), but to keep your immune system healthy. Some things that will enable you to do this are getting enough sleep, exercising, avoid a lot of sugars and processed foods, REGULAR Chiropractic care, drinking plenty of water, and taking vitamin supplements that boost immunity.

  Many of our Chiropractic patients report that they don't "catch bugs" like the flu, but if they do, they are able to get over it fast than their peers who do not get regular Chiropractic adjustments.

  Call our office today to start your immunity boosting care!